News, sports, what else?

So, besides news and sports, what else is there that user-generated content can be submitted for? It sounds silly, but weather is the answer! It’s actually really smart if you think about it! If there’s a big storm coming through the area, there is a lot of developing news going on in a short amount of time. The best case of user-generated content being used for weather is at NBC4 Washington, in D.C., where they consistently ask for photos and videos of road closures, snowfall, and any other important breaking details involving a severe weather situation. There are obviously different types of severe weather situations, including heavy rainfall (that may bring on flash flooding), wind damage, and potential hurricane/tornado damage, to name a few. NBC4 Washington covers all of these weather situations well, with the help of user-generated content sent to them by viewers.

To develop interactivity and two-way communication between the station, NBC4 always asks for photos to be sent in of people enjoying the snow on the ground, as way as updates on road conditions, neighborhoods that have (or haven’t) been plowed, power outages, snowfall amounts, downed trees and power lines and other details when a weather situation occurs.

A few examples of the user-generated content that NBC4 Washington uses can be found here:

Remember Snowmageddon, from 2009? My hometown had over 50 inches from a February storm. Photo credit: Eva Buchman

Remember Snowmageddon, from 2009? My hometown had over 50 inches from a February storm. My mom and I were lucky enough to have to shovel the driveway.  Photo credit: Eva Buchman

NBC4 Washington utilizes a special e-mail just for viewers to submit content, This makes it easier for NBC4 to find user-generated content, without searching through social media.


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