How do you even start?

Journalism isn’t for everyone—we know that. We see it every day. There are good cases and bad cases of citizen journalism. If someone gets accused of something, and they turn out to be innocent, it becomes a case of “we jumped the gun.” If something happens, and no citizen steps forward, it turns into “why didn’t anybody say anything?”

I’m sure a lot of you don’t know how to even get started in citizen journalism. It’s such a daunting task, I’m sure. So what can you do? I mentioned previously, start small. Don’t fret, however. There are many, many resources out there to help you get started. Tips for how to piece together a story, how to use online software and equipment for audio/visual, you name it. It’s out there waiting to help someone.

There are more platforms than just the CNN i-Report that citizen journalists can use. In fact, some of these sites in growing in popularity daily. Each one may operate a little differently, but in the end they all strive to work for the same purpose—to give citizen journalists a voice.

If you’re not sure how to properly tell a story, don’t worry! There are resources for that as well. These tips are great for writing, and the overall act of citizen journalism—the ethics behind it, and what’s important in telling a good story.

Especially in television, it can be difficult to understand how news spreads to quickly. If you start reporting on and submitting content, you can quickly become fairly well-known, even if it is just in your own community. It’s a cool thing to think about, though, because what’s better than talking about the things that are important to you?


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