Why use the internet?

With the popularity of the internet skyrocket in the several years, we’ve seen a tremendous amount of news organizations capitalize on this, and use the internet as a main delivery source for their news. Nearly all newspapers have an online version, television stations all have a website (and many live stream/ post later their news broadcasts), etc. There are many perks to using the internet for news distribution.

Just some of the reasons using the internet is the way to go.

Just some of the reasons using the internet is the way to go.
Credit: Mashable

First, there is a very low-cost associated with using the internet. Besides the initial fees of setting up a domain name and all the associated costs, that’s really it! For news organizations, having a website allows you to have the ultimate control over what content you post, how often you post, and the type of feedback you receive from your viewers.

As mentioned above, the internet offers a completely new level of user interactivity and two-way communication. The use of social media to disseminate news has grown exponentially.

A 2012 study from the Pew Research Center shows that for adults under age 30, social media has surpassed newspapers and equaled television as the primary source of news on a daily basis.

The internet is also fast, allowing content to be posted and shared almost simultaneously. With over 1.2 billion internet users worldwide, it’s no wonder that a video can go viral in a matter of seconds, or that a photo can be shared to millions within the hour. Having a website to go along with your television station, newspaper, magazine, etc, is almost required in this day and age. Because people are so mobile and get their news from a variety of sources, it’s important to make sure content is deliverable in any medium.

Over half the public first finds out news from social media. Credit: Mashable

Over half the public first finds out news from social media. Credit: Mashable

The internet has flipped the news industry on its head and provided the craft of journalism with tons of new opportunities to grow and really engage the public in their world. The internet is a great tool for communication, publicity and fostering relationships, and news organizations have really started to take advantage of all the good it can provide.


One thought on “Why use the internet?

  1. Your use of graphics and pseudo-graphics from elsewhere is starting to become a significant issue. It’s just too much of somebody else’s work that you’re embedding on your own page (and the images here don’t even take you to the originals when clicked). It’s not your work, and even with credits, it’s pretty problematic – you need to cite the numbers and link elsewhere.

    I can see you’re very interested in including graphic elements on your page. There is good news here: There are many free tools that allow you to create them (we’ll get to it in a later week, but there’s nothing wrong with skipping ahead if that’s your interest). Take a look at something VERY easy like GraphJam (now part of the Cheezburger network). They’re a little clunky, but they’d be YOURS (as long as you still credit the source of the information). I don’t want to discourage your interest in adding value, but I DO want you developing good habits for where you get your visuals.

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